Imagine you’re doing what you do best — selling on Amazon. Everything’s going great until you receive an email from Amazon suspending your selling privileges. What a shock that would be, especially since you’ve considered your earnings on Amazon to be your primary source of income. You’ll feel the first indications of panic creeping up on you, and you won’t know where to direct that pent up energy.

I don’t blame you. Appealing a suspension isn’t something you should rush into. A serious situation like this deserves a lot of planning if you expect to come out of this on top.

In this post, we have listed down the steps to take and essential guidelines, along with an Amazon plan of action appeal example, so that you get your account back on your own.

How to Write an Amazon Seller Suspension Letter

amazon-suspension-sample-email sample

To counter the Amazon seller suspension email, you need to compose an attractive and comprehensive appeal letter that doesn’t get lost under similar emails. The following steps will help you take action:

Step 1: Identify the Reason for Suspension

Amazon states the reason for suspension in the email’s first sentence.

Typically, Amazon suspends the seller accounts for poor performance or policy breach. So, read the email carefully and understand the difference between both. You can also go through Amazon’s selling policy to identify the suspension reason easily.

Amazon sellers usually face two major types of suspensions:

Selling Privileges Suspensions

When a seller repeatedly receives bad customer reviews, delivers items late, or violates the intellectual property, they come in the Amazon suspension radar. Once identified, Amazon can suspend your selling privileges for failing to comply with their standards.

Some sellers also get suspended for providing inappropriate documents for their accounts.

To stay on the safe side, you should watch your account health. Identify the rules you’ve violated and try to avoid them in the future. Otherwise, you’ll be banned from selling entirely unless your appeal letter convinces the company.

Product Listing Suspensions or Amazon Inauthentic Appeal

If you sell a prohibited item or violate any of Amazon’s product policies, Amazon will suspend that specific product. Another thing that the company looks for is “inauthentic items.”

According to Amazon, inauthentic items are not termed fake, but they are included in the gray market category, which can cause serious issues in the future. When an Amazon agency says a product is inauthentic, this suggests that it was purchased from an unauthorized source.

If you don’t rectify your fault and continue selling such products, you may get your account suspended altogether.

Step 2: Determine Ways to Prevent this Suspension from Happening Again

The best way to convince Amazon for account reinstatement is to accept your mistake and tell how you can prevent it from happening in the future. However, remember to not go far beyond your way and state things you can’t fulfill.

In your appeal letter, write a short explanation of what exactly you did wrong and why it happened.

Amazon’s main purpose for sending you a suspension letter is to make you identify your shortcomings, assess your processes, and take steps to improve them. This is why this step is applicable for all types of suspensions and followed by almost every Amazon agency.

Keep in mind to not blame Amazon for sending you the email or saying that you disagree with the decision. Or else, you may get permanently banned. So, sketch what you’ll say in the appeal letter before submitting it.

Step 3: Write Your Plan of Action

Now, pen down your plan of action to help the Amazon Seller Performance specialist understand your position. Explain how you’re going to prevent this issue from happening in the future.

This is the most crucial part of an Amazon seller suspension appeal letter that affects your final decision.

With the help of an Amazon agency, perform deep analysis to find out the root causes of your suspension. For example, suppose Amazon suspends you for a high late delivery rate. So, your appeal letter must answer these questions:

  • What types of deliveries were the most problematic?
  • Why was an order delivered late?
  • What issues in the delivery system caused late deliveries?
  • How can you prevent all these issues from reoccurring?

When writing, use simple words and draft a convincing letter that assures Amazon that you won’t repeat your mistakes. Don’t forget to sign the appeal and mention your email address and contact number.

Step 4: Send Your Appeal To Amazon

Before submitting, read the letter, again and again, to ensure that everything is in its place.

Try to go through the appeal letter through a third person’s eye, and see if all the parts are clearly delivering the message or not. You can get it checked from an authentic Amazon agency too.

Once you’re satisfied, you can then send it to Amazon. For that, you need to log in to Amazon Seller Central and submit your appeal there. If you don’t have the option, you can send it via email from the email address registered to your Amazon account.

If, by any chance, your letter doesn’t make it through, don’t worry; you always have a second shot.

Essential Guidelines to Follow

Amazon-account-suspendsion screenshot

As of today, there are 9.5 million active Amazon sellers globally. This means Amazon probably receives thousands of appeal letters regularly, so what are the odds that your appeal letter won’t get buried among them?

The following guidelines will help you make your letter a stand-out:

Double-check the Evidence

When you identify the reason for suspension, go through the highlighted pieces of evidence to back up your explanation. Check and then double-check all the receipts, customer feedback, documents, and delivery process.

If you can’t find anything, consult an Amazon agency, and their experts will surely help you out.

Now, use the outcomes of your analysis while drafting your appeal letter.

Use “Amazon Customers”

Amazon prioritizes its customers the most. So, use the term “Amazon customers” in your letter to show that you care about its customers too.

For instance, you can write:

“I understand that you’ve set clear standards for your customers, and they must get quality service at all costs. By not complying with your performance standards, we have deprived Amazon customers of their basic rights. We are directly responsible for….”

Keep it Simple and Well-Formatted

If you use simple words and tell the seller performance team the cause of the issue and your action plan in a few words, your letter will indeed be prioritized. Moreover, don’t forget to format it well and include all the above steps.

Don’t Panic When Writing The Appeal

When you receive a suspension email, take a deep breath and stay composed. Most sellers rush the letter in panic and get themselves banned from the account forever. So, remain calm and direct your energy on writing the best Amazon appeal suspension letter ever.

If you fail to do so, you always have the option to take your case to an Amazon agency.

Amazon is the Judge

In your entire account reinstatement process, know that Amazon is the judge, and you can’t cross-question or blame anything on the company. It’s you who is at fault, so accept your mistake in the letter in a humble tone.

Avail the Second Chances

For sellers, it’s a dream if their Amazon seller suspension letter gets accepted the first time. However, if it doesn’t, they always have second chances to take advantage. If your first appeal gets rejected, identify what you missed, and include it in the second appeal.

Remember that your account reinstatement chances go down significantly on your second and third submissions.

If you’re uncomfortable and not fully confident, consult someone from our team and we can help you out.

How Long Does Amazon Appeal Take?

Amazon usually takes 24-48 hours to respond to Amazon seller account suspended appeal; however, the duration does depend on the time of year and your suspension type. Moreover, if it is your second, third, or fourth suspension, Amazon may take longer than that.

You can download a Template we created based on the tips above here
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