Amazon Live: How to take advantage of Amazon’s Seller Live Stream feature [2023 Updated]

Business owner showing makeup products on live stream

With the Amazon Live Stream feature, you can take your Amazon marketing to a whole new level by offering interactive shopping. This unique platform lets you show your products being used in real-time and provides viewers with direct links and exclusive deals right from the stream. Below, we discuss in detail what this feature is and how it can enhance the Amazon shopping experience.

What is Amazon Live and how will it change the Amazon shopping experience?

Amazon Live is a live streaming shopping service that helps sellers promote the discovery of their products. This Amazon program lets consumers watch livestreams as well as previously recorded content while also allowing them to buy products featured in the video.

Amazon Live Video is designed to give Amazon sellers an innovative platform to promote their products on video and interact directly with customers. Interactive shopping is not something many e-commerce sellers offer, so by streaming with your potential customers, you can provide them with a totally unique online shopping experience.

Your Amazon Live video will appear on their livestream listing page, giving many viewers the chance to join you on an interactive shopping journey.

Who can use Amazon Live? 

Amazon Live streams are currently only available in the US for registered brands, sellers and influencers. Further, Amazon Live Video is only available to vendors/sellers who have an Amazon store and are enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry.

Best Practices for your Amazon Live stream

By incorporating the following best practices, you can make sure your Amazon Live stream goes well for your brand and that your viewers enjoy interactive shopping on Amazon Live with you.

At least 30 minutes at a time 

A general rule of thumb is to stream for at least 30 minutes. This gives you enough time to properly show off your products while also giving you ample time to interact with your audience. By being on Amazon Live Video for an extended period of time, you also ensure more people can join your interactive shopping experience and therefore maximize your products’ visibility.

Encourage audience interaction

The attraction of Amazon live streaming is interactivity. The more you interact with customers on your Amazon Live shopping stream, the more likely they are to come back and purchase your products. Seeing your products in real-time and being used by a real person will also build trust and help potential buyers make more informed decisions about their purchases.

Use CTAs 

Remember to periodically highlight the products you have to ensure that your products remain the focus of the Amazon Live stream. It’s also important to regularly provide calls to action (CTAs) so that you are getting the most out of this unique opportunity. To enhance the interactive shopping experience for your viewers, you can include links in the livestream and other buttons to direct viewers to your products.

Engage with your audience 

Engaging with your viewers during your interactive shopping stream will help build trust and relationships with buyers. This, therefore, increases the likelihood of them staying attentive throughout your Amazon Live stream and interested in more of what you have to offer. It’s also worth noting that influencers can also use Amazon Live Video to engage with their followers and earn commission on products they sell.

Business owner showing product on live stream

Show and demonstrate your product(s)

The point of an Amazon Live stream is to sell your product by showcasing its features and providing interactive shopping opportunities for viewers. For example, if it’s an electronic product, make sure it’s turned on and show all its technical capabilities. If it’s a decor piece, stage it in a number of ways to appeal to different styles and aesthetics.

Share your livestream with your off channel audience 

Increase your reach by doing off-channel marketing with Amazon Live video as well. This could include sharing your stream on social media or providing a link to your stream on your blog or website. If you’re looking for other ways to get the word out about your brand, an Amazon advertising agency will be able to support you in all your marketing efforts.

Consider using streaming software

Streaming software such as OBSStreamlabsRestream and more will increase your production value by providing high-quality viewing features and other broadcasting functionalities. These programs can also help expand your reach by streaming to multiple platforms simultaneously.

Time your streams with promotions and deals  

Strategically timing your Amazon Live streams with business promotions such as discounts, launches and other deals will maximize your sales potential. You want to give your viewers a reason to join the stream and ultimately give them a reason to buy your products. It’s also worth noting that streams can be an effective marketing tool for big interactive shopping days such as Prime Day, Black Friday, holidays and more.

Encourage viewers to follow 

Discuss and link your social media, website and other channels to keep your viewers up to date and engaged with everything your business does.

Create stream exclusive promotions

The best way to capture viewers is to provide stream-specific incentives so they get something extra for giving their time to your Amazon Live stream. You can offer exclusive promotions such as discount codes and giveaways to reward those that join your Amazon Live.


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What equipment do I need? 

Female Vlogger trying on earrings in a live stream


The more you put into the production value of your streams, the more positive brand perception you’ll gain. 

This is a marketing channel for your brand, so invest accordingly in video equipment, staging, and any other devices to ensure you provide the highest quality interactive shopping experience possible.


There are streaming apps and software available for both your phone and computer. As discussed above, these include OBS, Streamlabs and more. 

If you require assistance learning or managing these software tools, consider using an Amazon Agency to help support your livestreaming efforts. Amazon consultants and agencies can also provide support in other valuable areas such as business development, DSP advertising, Amazon PPC services, and more.


Arguably the most important part of setting up a high-quality video stream is having proper lighting. The right lighting will ensure that your items are visible and your Amazon Live stream is easily watchable for a seamless interactive shopping experience.


Depending on your environment, you may want to invest in premium audio equipment to ensure your audience gets the most out of shopping on Amazon Live with you. This could include a high-quality microphone, noise dampening tools and other audio enhancing devices/software.


Although critical, lighting is only one part of the video puzzle. Proper videography techniques are necessary for delivering a high-quality interactive shopping event so consider learning some best practices for framing, set decoration and video settings to ensure your Amazon Live stream quality is as high as possible. Having professional sound, lighting and video quality lends itself to the legitimacy of your brand in the eyes of your customers.


Amazon Live is a feature available to registered influencers as well as Amazon sellers and vendors registered with Amazon Brand Registry. 

This feature allows you to live stream with potential buyers to showcase your products, build engagement and provide an interactive shopping experience. 

To get the most out of this platform, it’s best you use high-quality production techniques to generate positive brand perception.

If you’re looking for support to manage Amazon live streams, send a message to our team to learn about our pricing and how we can support these programs on Amazon. 


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