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Clean Flight Hits Hole-in-One When launching on Amazon

Golfing in Style: Casual and Cool Attire for Men on the Course.

Revenue per month in 7 months from launching on Amazon


Launched 1 ASIN on Amazon


Boost in conversion rate with storefront & EBC optimization


Clean Flight Golf is a premium golf brand focusing on allowing golfers to fly further and putt straighter.



Toronto, Canada


Sports & Outdoors


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He had tried it all. Selling on Shopify, looking for funding on Kickstarter, and basic online SEO, but it just wasn’t working. Hitting bogey after bogey, the Clean Flight team was struggling to get their product off the ground and onto the course.

Clean Flight Golf was born out of the love of the game, with the dream of having clean, far-flying shots every time. The product was simple, well-designed, and affordable. But they were missing the right team to help them succeed.

Looking for a hole in one, Clean Flight approached Sequence, a partnership was born. After a full Amazon-focused pivot, the days of hitting the ball into the hazard were gone.

“After an in-depth audit and an Amazon Startup Program, Clean Flight started running ads and sales finally got out of the rough – exploding like never before."
Trevon Heath
Head of Growth

How we helped

Sequence has a proven track record of making data-driven decisions that give us great insight into our customers. Clean Flight is the perfect example of picking your battles.

Amazon was the perfect place to start selling Clean Flight’s well-designed, affordable product to a wide customer base. With the right strategy, we can take a product and help it soar.

The company started in May 2021 with $0 in sales. By December, they were doing $90,000 a month, totaling almost half a million in the first 8 months alone.

By the Numbers

After we got Clean Flight teed up, we took our first shot, and it was an instant hole-in-one. Starting with no impressions, revenue, and a weak conversion rate, we grew them to:

  • 4M impressions per month
  • 90K in monthly revenue from 1 ASIN
  • 22% conversion rate from optimizing PDP with video, EBC and display ads

A large portion of Clean Flight’s growth was captured through organic sales. We were able to optimize their SEO so well that they became Amazon’s Choice product for Golf Ball Washers in the US!

After some success in North America, we were able to help them expand into the UK, which doubled their growth within 4 months.

Sequence helped Clean Flight take off and hit a hole-in-one on Amazon, going from a failed product to a successful, global company which was featured in Forbes!


With a refined marketing strategy and a new channel at Amazon, sales were on par with some major players in the golf goods industry. After the magic touch of sequence, Clean Flight saw month over month double-digit growth in sales, and the product is quickly becoming a staple

With outstanding brand representation and unique products, sales have skyrocketed like never before. Boosting sales is our end goal, and our advertising agency works full force to ensure we can fulfill your dreams and visions!

Hitting the green, together

By combining efforts, we were able to build out a solid foundation: a complete brand facelift, an enhanced amazon advertising strategy, and more accurate data reporting to better predict future marketing decisions.

Ultimately, our team was able to deliver a complete knockout to the competition while simultaneously amplifying the brand’s PPC sales and managing the full shipping & fulfillment logistics chain—we are here to deliver on all your Amazon needs

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