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ANS Performance Boosts Amazon Advertising ROI by 4X with Sequence, Expanding to Amazon DSP

ANS Rava energy drink with a citrus twist, marketed as a food supplement to boost energy levels.

Boost in Advertising ROI for on-channel PPC


Increase in PDP conversion with new images & EBC


Generated Over 30M+ In Paid Search Impressions


The ANS Performance brand was born in 2012 with one goal in mind: to create the best performance supplements available. They understand the competitive nature of sports, the need to succeed, and to win.



Toronto, Canada


Health & Wellness, Fitness


Amazon Advertising

Amazon DSP

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Channel Management

Founded by a team of athletes with decades of supplement industry experience, ANS understands what it takes to get your body to perform at the highest level. 

Founded on the four pillars of passion, innovation, science, and quality, they started as a minor player and have captured a massive market share with standout branding and a great fulfillment partner. 


ANS Performance was created from a ‘built-to-last’ mentality—which meant quality was everything and we didn’t want to disappoint. However, although their products were top-notch, ANS suffered from a limited catalogue selection and a lack of Amazon post-listing optimization which was bringing down the brand’s overall performance (pardon the pun.) Couple that with little advertising strategy and a lack of data insights—we had a lot of work ahead.

“The team at Sequence is next-level. They helped us unlock our potential on Amazon. Sales have increased substantially, and we’re excited to continue on that path with Amazon DSP.”
Shetal Shah

How we helped

We aggressively ran ads on competitors ASINS using Display ads to acquire on-page customers using a strategy we call ‘Competitor Conquesting’” says our Head of Growth, Trevon.

Given our strong ability to use data on Amazon to understand our customers, our team was able to calculate the LTV of an ANS customer over the year to understand how much we were able to spend to acquire a new customer off Amazon.

Alongside our conquesting strategy for new customers, we utilized branded keywords of our competition (ie C4, Ghost Supplements, and Vega) to showcase beautiful custom headline search ads to their customers when searching up their products – needless to say, the store quickly started ranking and performing well.

  • Created Enhanced Amazon Brand Content (EBC) & Product Videos to help with on-page conversion
  • Generated Over 30M+ In Paid Search Impressions

We also started a 6-month retargeting campaign geared towards capturing the everyday supplement user—by serving our video every 60 days (right about when they start running out of product.) This strategy built ANS a loyal member base and began driving significant traffic to the storefront leading to an increase of 900% boost in traffic to the store. 


With outstanding brand representation and unique products, sales have skyrocketed like never before. Boosting sales is our end goal, and our advertising agency works full force to ensure we can fulfill your dreams and visions!

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