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Joe Boxer Knocks Out Their Best Year Online with Amazon Ads

Amazon Brand Joe Boxer Nightwear for a Good Night's Sleep

Reduction in ACoS across all campaigns running on Amazon


Growth in total sales YoY on


Average boost in conversion rate across the catalog with new images & video on PDP pages


Joe Boxer is an American brand of underwear and related apparel founded by Nicholas Graham that focuses on novelty hanging underwear.



Oakville, Ontario


Clothing, Underwear


Amazon Advertising

Creatives + Studio 

Channel Management

You’d think with a name already as big as Joe Boxer, there’s no room for improvement right? Think again. Sequence’s advertising campaign strategies multiplied their ad revenues by sixty.


As a vendor central seller, thanks to their already strong brand name, they were able to increase their brand awareness and online presence organically without the need for an ad spending budget. But with little risk, comes little reward and they were happy with this outcome — at least for a while.

We were able to identify that not enough was being put into their advertising and keyword strategies. We set on creating a retargeting campaign geared at taking advantage of the brands preexisting customer base, as well as pushed ads on competitors using sponsored brand ads and sponsored headline search ads.

They wanted to scale their business even more and wanted to include Amazon — THE biggest name in eCommerce — as a much larger piece into their overall eCommerce strategy, but their team lacked the expertise that this feat required, so we came in.

“Sequence is nothing short of amazing! They manage your business and brand as if it were their own. They understand data like no other.”
Tamia Jin
Senior Marketing Manager

Our Think Out of The Box-ers Approach

It was crucial to develop an advertising strategy that would help this big name retain its glory as it dominates the Canadian Amazon marketplace.

Joining them with only three months left to the end of the year, the pressure was on to show Joe Boxer what we were made of — and boy did we deliver.

Having analyzed the competition, and gone over the brands previous ad strategies, it was clear that launching targeted campaigns revolving around branded keywords was key for massive growth. Our plan worked, spiking monthly store traffic to 5M users. Leveraging the brands name, we further expanded on our ad strategy guided by the data we uncovered through vigorous a/b testing.

By using the power of data, we designed advertisements that grabbed the attention of users and boosted the brands Amazon store ranking, as well as boosted on-page conversions while lowering advertising costs.

  • Boosted average RoAS to 4.1
  • Reduced ACoS by over 50% in 6 months 
  • Boosted total sales through organic and paid over 60% in year 1 on

The results?

With Sequence by its side, Joe Boxer was able to dominate yet another market, and grow their ad revenues exponentially—all within three months. In fact, our success with the Joe Boxer lead to the partnership with parent company, Caulfield Group, to further expand on their advertising types through DSP, campaign optimization and off-Amazon marketing.

Joe Boxer, in Brief

In only a matter of months, we were able to show even a big-brand name that we’re experts at what we do, and our results speak for themselves. A signifcant increase in ad revenues is one that some brands can only dream of — until they partner with us.

We care about results—and don’t mess around with the numbers. Having worked closely with Joe Boxer these last three months, we were able to increase sales to well over 6 figures while maintaining low ad spending.

Sometimes, you have to let your brand speak for itself.

Dominating a whole new market can be hard even for big-name brands, and it becomes even harder on a platform like Amazon that requires its own expertise. With Sequence there, we were able to help Joe Boxer find its voice and let its brand name take over, with simple yet highly effective targeted and display ads.

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