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Better Than GoodSnacks Increases conversion by 14x with Sequence Studio [Case-Studies]


Product detail pages that Sequence re-built


Average boost in conversion on-page with new product images, listings and EBC


Advertising click-through rate (CTR) with newly designed front images 


Better than good snacks provides nutritious, vegan, and healthy snack options for children. 



Seattle, Washington




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Despite having a great online presence, Better Than Good lacked that “magic” in their photography and branding. Most of their images did little to showcase their quality products, making their branding bland and boring. 

Their supporting images were initially basic infographics and stock lifestyle photos that didn’t inspire the buyer to move forward with their purchase. 

Lifestyle consumers want to be excited and motivated to buy a product, and will often respond very well to flashy infographics, bright branding, and an excited, conversational tone in the Amazon listing. 

At the time that Better Than Good approached Sequence, their conversation rate was great, but there was an opportunity to increase it by changing the way that their products were photographed and displayed in their listings. 

“We were lacking organic keywords that we were ranking for and in parallel, the images won't converting anywhere near enough customers for it to make sense to invest in paid promotion"
Trevon Heath
Head of Growth

How we helped

After partnering with Sequence, our team overhauled their listing photography with studio-quality photos and professional graphic design. Their listings were enhanced with colorful, creative branding that gave their product an entirely new look and feels.

By changing their photography, Better Than Good experienced a 17% improvement in conversion rate on almost all of their listings.

By taking a new approach to listing photography and design, Better Than Good was able to dramatically improve its conversion rate across its product portfolio.

Getting Delicious Results with Sequence

Our team brings a fresh approach to Amazon advertising. Despite having a successful business before connecting with us, Better Than Good could still get even better. After a revitalized image on Amazon came into effect, the company saw some incredible improvements in conversion rates and overall sales. 

With outstanding brand representation and unique products, sales have skyrocketed like never before.

Boosting sales is our end goal, and our advertising agency works full force to ensure we can fulfill your dreams and visions! We want to work with you and see your business flourish on and off Amazon! 

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