Outsourcing Your Amazon PPC Advertising: Why, When & How To Outsource Amazon Ads

Outsource Amazon PPC Experts

Amazon PPC is one of the best advertising tools an Amazon seller can use to get their brand noticed. However, you must implement proper PPC strategies to get the most out of your Amazon advertising budget as well as stay ahead of your competitors. 

Luckily, a dedicated Amazon Agency can help develop the best PPC strategies for your brand as well as handle all your advertising needs.  

The basics, what is Amazon PPC?

Amazon Pay-Per-Click Advertising, or Amazon PPC for short, is a sponsored ad placement tool that is part of Amazon’s internal advertising system. 

This program allows you to gain more visibility by showcasing your paid ads exactly where your targeted keywords are located—including your competitor’s listings.

Amazon PPC works by using an auction-style purchasing system

Sellers with the highest bids will have their products preferentially shown to customers when they search for similar items. 

Essentially, by paying more for your Amazon Sponsored ads, you will gain more visibility and therefore more potential traffic.

Why is Amazon PPC so important for Amazon Businesses?

Amazon PPC is by far the number one way to increase your Amazon traffic. Running paid ads using Amazon PPC increases your reach on Amazon by showing your products to customers that are looking for similar items. Best of all, you can fine-tune this Amazon Advertising system to target your ideal customers.

Below we outline the best benefits of Amazon PPC and how these paid ads can help you grow your brand on Amazon.


If you’re a seller on Amazon and want to drive traffic to your listings then you must include Amazon PPC Ads in your advertising efforts. Amazon has over 350 million products on the platform, making it likely that similar listings will overtake your brand’s listings in ranking if you don’t use Amazon PPC.


Further to driving traffic, paid ads show up higher on the page. As such, you greatly increase your listings’ visibility when you use Amazon sponsored ads. Amazon PPC will also be targeted to your preferred audience, meaning those most likely to buy your products will have the highest chance of seeing your paid ads.

Organic Ranking

If your sponsored product sells well on Amazon, then its organic ranking will rise. Amazon’s organic ranking is based on SEO , traffic, and sales velocity. Therefore, if your Amazon sponsored ads succeed in increasing traffic to your listings, then your organic ranking will also increase.


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Why should you outsource your Amazon PPC?

There are a number of reasons you should outsource your Amazon advertising to an Amazon advertising agency. 

From optimizing your advertising budget to growing your brand rapidly, here are the top reasons for hiring Amazon Advertising experts to develop your Amazon PPC strategies.

Business people reviewing Amazon PPC


Outsourcing your Amazon paid ads creation and management can help you focus more on growing your brand. Hiring an Amazon Advertising Agency to handle your Amazon PPC needs allows you to redirect your time, money, and resources to scale your business more efficiently and more effectively.

Expert Support

Amazon advertising agencies dedicate their time to optimizing and managing paid ads for a variety of clients. This professional amazon PPC service is typically a far more efficient use of your advertising budget than trying to do it yourself without the necessary expertise.

Access to tools and insights

Marketing consultants at Amazon Agencies have access to expensive, specialized analytic tools that are valuable for making informed decisions. Additionally, Amazon consultants carry with them years of experience running campaigns for clients and will be well prepared to assist you with your Amazon PPC needs.

In-depth data analysis

Those expensive marketing tools also provide access to valuable data that will shed light on the things your business needs to do in order to scale. With data-driven Amazon PPC strategies, you’ll get more out of your paid ads.

Value ad services

Marketing consultants can generally support you in ways that are not exclusive to Amazon. They may offer off-channel advertising, activation on other platforms, and may introduce you to other professionals who will add value to your organization.

When to outsource your Amazon Advertising to an Agency


If you’re feeling a little too spread thin, then it may be time to consider outsourcing your Amazon PPC efforts to an Amazon Agency.


If the idea of running Amazon sponsored ads overwhelms you, then you may not have the expertise to run an advertising campaign. Why spend money and time trying to learn to run one yourself when you can hire professionals who are dedicated to effective Amazon PPC strategies?


If you want to grow your brand faster then it’s wise to outsource the efforts that make that happen. Outsourcing your Amazon PPC needs to an Amazon Agency will free up you and your team’s time for business development while the paid advertisers optimize your campaigns for growth.

Specialized advertising

If you want to use specialized Amazon advertising features such as DSP, display ads, off-channel ads and more, then this will require more technical know-how. Hiring an Amazon Agency to take care of this may be your wisest option.

Amazon PPC Specialists | Freelancers vs Agencies vs In-House

There are a few options when it comes to hiring someone to help with your Amazon paid ads. Below, we assess the pros and cons of each popular type of service.

Chart comparing different Amazon PPC Outsourcing options

What are some red flags to look out for when outsourcing your Amazon PPC needs?

An Amazon Agency that knows the best Amazon PPC practices will likely be able to offer effective strategies for your paid ads. However bad seeds exist in every industry, so keep the following in mind before hiring an Amazon advertising service.

Overpromising Results

If it sounds too good to be true, then it most likely is. Look for agencies and consultants that ensure realistic growth with Amazon PPC and paid ads.

Not reviewing the account

The first thing a consultant should do before taking on a project is review your account. Failing to do so may mean they won’t come up with the best strategies for your paid ads.

Not well versed in basic PPC terms

Amazon PPC is very technical, therefore you should look out for those who do not use the relevant industry jargon when consulting with you. If they’re unfamiliar with some of the more technical terms that apply to Amazon PPC, they may not know much about Amazon advertising.

Not using any software tools

Manually optimizing campaigns is extremely time-consuming. PPC professionals use some sort of automation. Better services will come with the usage of robust software tools that will save everyone time and money so you can get the best pricing on Amazon advertising services.


In short, you should outsource your Amazon PPC to an Amazon agency if your business lacks the time, resources or skills to handle Amazon advertising by itself. By using effective strategies for running paid ads, an Amazon agency can save you time and money by offering optimized campaigns that target your audience and grow your brand.


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