Competition on Amazon is stiff, so to get your products noticed, effective marketing strategies are a must. If you’re hoping to drive more traffic to your listings, then you may want to outsource your Amazon PPC efforts to an Amazon specialized agency or Amazon PPC manager. With an experienced Amazon PPC specialist dedicated to your brand, you’ll accelerate your conversions and see bigger returns on your ad spend.

What does an Amazon PPC manager do?

As the name suggests, an Amazon PPC manager will manage some or all of your Amazon advertising efforts. An Amazon PPC manager’s services may also include Amazon listing creation, product listing optimization, advertising strategy consulting, and more.

An Amazon PPC manager is an expert in paid advertising for Amazon and can therefore be an indispensable resource for any type of seller. With an Amazon PPC specialist’s help, you’ll be able to effectively run and optimize your ad campaigns so you increase your ROAS and improve your Amazon ranking.

Why should you consider hiring an Amazon PPC manager

If you’re struggling to break even with your advertising cost of sales (ACOS) then you should outsource your Amazon PPC to an Amazon agency or Amazon PPC manager. By working with a reputable Amazon advertising agency or hiring an experienced Amazon PPC manager, you’ll be able to drive more traffic to your listings and rake in more conversions than ever before. You may also get access to other perks such as Amazon listing creation services, financial analysis reports, Amazon FBA consulting and much more.

When selling on Amazon, it’s vital you use Amazon PPC ads to reach your target audience, however, you’ll have to compete with an exponentially growing number of competitors. In fact, there are over 200 million prime customers in the world, so you’ll want to optimize your PPC to generate more brand visibility on the platform and thus drive more traffic to your listings. An Amazon PPC manager can help you rise above the competition and tap into your potential for growth on Amazon.

Furthermore, a dedicated Amazon advertising agency will have professional Amazon PPC management tools that automate workflows and simplify ad management. Many of these tools are not accessible/affordable to the average lone seller, so you’ll be at an advantage over others when you work with an Amazon PPC specialist.

Where to look for an Amazon PPC Specialist

When trying to outsource your Amazon PPC, it’s important you look in the right places to find reputable professionals. Below, we list a few sources for an Amazon PPC manager that can help you grow your sales.

Amazon Agencies


An Amazon advertising agency will have in-house Amazon PPC specialists and Amazon PPC management tools that work to optimize your advertising efforts. An Amazon agency is built to provide these services and will therefore have a professional, specialized team of Amazon PPC managers you can count on. They can also be easily vetted by reviews online.


Smaller Amazon agencies often can’t offer the same level of services as their larger competitors. On the other hand, hiring a large and reputable Amazon advertising agency will be costly and may require lengthy contract commitments.

Freelancer Amazon PPC Managers


Generally, Amazon freelancers offer the most inexpensive rates compared to the other sources in this list. Plus, when working with a freelancer, you likely won’t be required to enter a lengthy contract.


Hiring freelance Amazon PPC specialists does come with its risks. The most notable being you cant verify their background/experience, meaning they might not even know what they are doing. Websites like Fiverr and Upwork are generally hit-or-miss when it comes to hiring Amazon PPC managers.

In-House Amazon PPC Specialists


With an in-house Amazon PPC manager or team, you’ll feel confident knowing their sole focus will be on your business’s goals. That also means they know your brand inside and out and may be better suited for long-term projects.


Hiring an in-house Amazon PPC manager also comes with its cons—one being the cost. You can expect to pay $60k-$100k per year for one Amazon PPC specialist, whereas similar money can get you a whole team’s expertise when working with an Amazon advertising agency. Also, when it comes to Amazon paid media, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.

Examining amazon sales velocity charts

Amazon PPC Management Tools and Software

There are several Amazon PPC management tools and software programs available to sellers, however, they vary widely in costs and capabilities. Generally, Amazon PPC management tools are good at providing insights and analytics, but the sheer amount of data you will need to meaningfully analyze may make using them time-prohibitive.

If you aren’t already a PPC software expert, then it may not be worth the effort it takes to learn and manage your PPC campaigns through these tools. Instead, an Amazon PPC specialist or Amazon advertising agency can help save you time and money by utilizing software effectively.

Just remember that you can almost always count on an Amazon advertising agency to use effective Amazon PPC management tools to help with their ad management. For most sellers, hiring an Amazon agency may be the smartest solution.

When to scale your Advertising

If you want to know whether it’s time to scale your advertising efforts, then you must analyze your advertising statistics. This includes your average click-through rate (CTR), cost-per-click (CPC), and advertising cost of sales (ACOS) along with your daily impressions and conversions.

For instance, the average CTR for Amazon advertising is around 0.4%. If you’re CTR is larger than this then your advertising statistics are above average and it’s time to scale. Similarly, this applies to your CPC rate and other statistics as well.

More advanced sellers tend to focus on ACOS, so see if you’re just at break-even or far surpassing these numbers. If these terms seem overwhelming then rest assured knowing An Amazon PPC manager/Amazon advertising agency can help you reach your targets.

How to scale with an Amazon PPC Manager

With the right advertising efforts and some help from an Amazon PPC specialist, you can scale your Amazon advertising campaigns to generate significantly more conversions. Below, we discuss the steps you should take to drive more traffic to your listings.

First, take a look at your existing campaigns. Which ones are doing better than your target ACOS? Which ones are underperforming? For those that are doing best, raise budget caps so that these campaigns have room to grow even more.

For campaigns that aren’t doing as well, an Amazon PPC manager or Amazon advertising agency may suggest you slow scaling, optimize your bids and add long-tail keywords to generate more impressions for a lower ACOS.

With all that said though, the best way to scale Amazon advertising may be to work with an Amazon PPC specialist to create brand new campaigns and experiment with new ads and targeting types. With new campaigns, you can focus more on current Amazon SEO requirements and consumer trends. As you roll these out, you might also want to work with an Amazon listing creation specialist to make sure your product listing content is consistent with your most current branding and marketing efforts.


As you seek to grow your brand and find more success on the Amazon platform, you’ll need to optimize your advertising efforts to see continual growth. Many sellers may opt to outsource their Amazon PPC to an Amazon PPC specialist or work with an Amazon advertising agency to make sure they get the most out of their ACOS.

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