The Definitive Guide to Hiring Your First Amazon FBA Consultant (2023)

Amazon FBA Consultant


If you’re a Canadian entrepreneur looking to tap into the e-commerce market, or an established seller that wants to grow their brand, then selling on Amazon should come to mind.

In this article we’ll talk about how a Hiring Guide Can Propel Your Business Forward.

This e-commerce giant dominates more than 40% of online sales and is the top pick of many consumers when it comes to getting necessities quickly delivered to their doors. 

Although Amazon makes it easy for sellers to use their platform, you’ll get the most out of their services by hiring a dedicated Amazon Consultant in Canada to help you maximize your success.

Many aspects of Amazon’s platform are turnkey and easy to navigate, however, when challenges arise, it’s beneficial to have an Amazon sales expert on your side. 

Here we discuss why you might want to hire an Amazon consultant in Canada to help you build your Amazon brand, grow sales, and keep the wheels of your new business rolling smoothly and how our hiring guide can help you.

What we cover in this blog

What an Amazon Business Consultant Does?

An Amazon business consultant is someone who understands various aspects of Amazon’s seller platform and offers Amazon advisory services. 
Essentially, an Amazon business consultant is someone who will apply evidence-based strategies and help you maximize your sales, grow your brand and reach any other business goals you might have. 
In addition, there are many types of Amazon business consultants that specialize in different Amazon services such as Amazon FBA consultants, Amazon Seller Central consultants, and more.

All types of Amazon business consultants can be found either freelancing or working for an Amazon agency. 

For a Canadian looking to use Amazon to sell products, hiring an Amazon consultant in Canada can help you optimize your domestic sales, as well as help, grow your brand internationally.



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The Benefits of Having an Amazon Advisory Service? 

Here is a list of the types of sellers that will benefit the most from a dedicated Amazon sales expert:

1. New Amazon Sellers

Anyone trying something new for the first time will require a little guidance, and this of course applies to new Amazon sellers. To maximize their chances of success, a new seller should consider trying some form of Amazon advisory services as a first step to launching their Amazon business.

2. Amazon Private Label Sellers 

These are Amazon sellers that apply their own branding to pre-made products. It’s a common business model nowadays and is behind many popular products on Amazon. Working with an Amazon FBA consultant can help private labellers maximize their reach, grow their revenue and ensure they follow all legal guidelines.

3. Established FBA Sellers

Even if you’re an established and successful Amazon FBA seller, you will likely still require legal and marketing guidance to help you stay ahead of your competitors and keep revenue flowing in. Established sellers in Canada should consider working with an Amazon seller consultant to maximize their earning potential and take their business to the next level.

4. Wholesalers & Manufacturers Selling on Amazon

Whether you’re on Seller Central or Vendor Central, you’ll need to take the right steps to see success in your niche. For instance, a wholesaler will be marketing to a different audience than a B2C seller, and a knowledgeable consultant can help them target their desired customers efficiently and effectively. 

Should You Hire an Amazon Consultant in Canada?

Geography plays a key role in how an Amazon seller runs their business. Whether it’s making sure taxes are filed properly or cross-border logistics are understood, an Amazon Sales Consultant in Canada can help ease some of the legal, bureaucratic and financial burdens that business owners face when selling online. 
Below, we discuss the two types of sellers that should hire an Amazon Agency in Canada no matter what their business is.
Male checking off documents as a consultant

1. You’re a Canadian Amazon FBA Seller

Usually if you’re a Canadian seller, it’s easier to work with an Amazon agency or consultant here in Canada who understands Cadian tax, shipping and business laws and has a pulse on everything locally. 

Hiring an Amazon Consultant in Canada will ensure everything you need to know about domestic selling is taken care of by an experienced and professional advisor.

If you’re hoping to expand sales into the US, it’s a good idea to work with an Amazon agency or consultant that has experience with selling to US customers. 

There are many Canadian Amazon advisory services that have worked with sellers in the past and can help you navigate the process more effortlessly.

2. You’re an International Seller Looking to Sell in Canada

If for example, you’re a US company looking to expand your operations in North America, an Amazon Canada Consultant can help you navigate the legal and financial requirements of running a business in Canada.

Also, as a new seller, Amazon Canada can be a great place to start. Selling in Canada is less competitive than in the USA, offers more opportunities, and is less risky with the right Canadian team supporting you. 

Consider working with a reputable Canadian Amazon agency to help you figure out logistics, Canadian customs, supply chain information, tax laws, and so forth, so your international business operates as efficiently as possible.

How to Pick the Best Amazon Sales Consultant in Canada for You

First, take a look at your business and determine what it is you know the least about as well as what you detest doing the most.

Perhaps you aren’t marketing savvy, or you’d rather focus on numbers than copywriting. Luckily for you, a FBA consultant that specializes in marketing can help!

Once you’ve identified key pain points within your business, you’ll need to pick an Amazon consultant, preferably in Canada, who can communicate well and address your problems professionally. 

The best way to determine how they do business is by asking a few critical questions to gauge their expertise and better understand how they handle communications with you as a potential client.

Some other key things to look for in a potential Amazon Sales Consultant:

  1. They don’t believe in “one-size-fits-it-all.”
  2. They can adapt to an ever-changing environment.
  3. They only recommend SEO best practices.

With these criteria, you’ll be able to choose the best Amazon consultant for your needs in no time!

Where to find an Amazon Canada Consultant? 

Screenshot of Amazon Consultant in Canada Google search

Now that you know how to pick the right Amazon Consultant for you, let’s look at where you can find these Amazon advisory services:

1. Search Engines

If you’re in Canada, then simply search “Amazon Consultant in Canada”, “Amazon marketing agencies” or “Amazon marketing services” using Google, Bing or Yahoo to find a consultant or agency for your Amazon business. 

You can also type “amazon business consultant near me” in the search field to get more specific results for your area.

2. Recommendations From Personal & Social Networks

If you know any other Amazon Sellers, you should ask them for their recommendations. You could even reach out to successful sellers you find on Amazon and message them directly to get an Amazon business consultant that knows how to get results.

3. Online Marketplaces (ie. Fiverr, Upwork)

Fiverr, Upwork and other online marketplaces will have plenty of budget-friendly options to choose from, but you’ll want to be careful on these sites when credentials are not verified. 

4. Facebook groups, Reddit and other forums

Facebook and Reddit are full of groups and subreddits that discuss and help you connect with professional services to help you run your business. For Amazon advisory services, you may see posts linking to recommended businesses or posts by consultants themselves advertising their services.

Benefits of hiring a Canadian Amazon Consultant 

There are many benefits to hiring an Amazon business consultant. On top of helping you conduct business legally in Canada, these are the top reasons for using a consultant’s Amazon advisory services.

 1. They can help determine whether your business is profitable or not.

 2. They’ll help you establish efficient workflows for your store and manage your finances.

 3. Thanks to their experience, they can help you avoid rookie mistakes.

 4. Many offer legal services and can handle suspension appeals for you.

 5. They can help you expand your store both domestically and internationally.

 6. They can optimize your listings with SEO.

 7. Marketing consultants can create and improve your advertising campaigns.

 8. Amazon PPC Consultants can optimize your PPC advertising strategies.

 9. They can help with the supply chain and logistics strategies for your Amazon brand.

When you choose the right Amazon agency or consultancy for your needs, the opportunities are truly endless. The best thing to do for your Amazon Canada business is to contact an Amazon Agency near you and see if they can help you reach your goals with their expertise.

Benefits of Hiring an International Amazon Consultant

 If you’re expanding overseas to areas such as the UK for example, then looking into hiring an Amazon UK Consultant might be your best option. 

As a Canadian seller, it’s usually recommended that you find a firm or consultant that has experience in international sales but is located in Canada. 

Due to time zone differences, language barriers and so forth, hiring an international Amazon consultant in Canada may make doing business with them much easier than if you were to partner with someone overseas.

If you’re in the UK, then it may make sense to hire a local Amazon UK consulting firm or Amazon UK Agency to help with some of your needs, whether its setting up your store, doing your photography, advising on marketing strategies, and so forth.

Final Thoughts

 Selling on Amazon Canada can be an exciting and life-changing business choice, but, it can also feel overwhelming and daunting at times. 

To help you get the most out of Amazon’s platforms and help you grow your business with ease, an Amazon FBA consultant can ensure you reach your sales targets and brand goals in no time.

By hiring a dedicated Canadian Amazon sales expert, you’ll be able to create more efficient workflows, navigate legal and financial paperwork and optimize your marketing campaigns for your audience. Although many Amazon agencies provide a multi-faceted approach, a specialized consultant will work with you to get superior results in the key areas you need help in the most.

If you require any assistance in hiring an Amazon Canada consultant for your online business, please feel free to reach out to our team. 

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