Should You Hire an Amazon Vendor Central Agency?

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Confused whether you should hire Amazon Vendor Central Agency or not?

This article is for vendors that want to streamline their logistics and operations. Amazon is the largest online retailer in North America, so it comes as no surprise that many manufacturers and wholesalers want their goods sold on Amazon.

For vendors that don’t know where to start or for those that want to streamline their logistics and operations, seeking out Amazon Vendor Central agency services may make selling wholesale on Amazon even more worthwhile.

If you’re a Canadian Vendor hoping to get the most out of Amazon Canada’s Vendor Central, then you’ll be happy to know that manyAmazon agencies in Canadacan help you optimize your wholesaling business.

What we cover in this blog

What is Amazon Vendor Central?

Amazon Vendor Central is an Amazon service that manufacturers and distributors of wholesale products can use to sell their goods to Amazon Canada directly.

As an invite-only B2B selling platform, Amazon Vendor Central aims to curate high-quality goods for Amazon to sell under the ‘Sold by Amazon’ label.

In a way, Amazon Vendor Central is similar to Amazon Seller Central but instead is designed for a different audience.

Is Amazon Vendor Central right for your brand?

If you are a large-scale producer/distributor of goods then Amazon Vendor Central is likely the platform you want to use to sell on Amazon. Since your items will be sold under the ‘Sold by Amazon’ label, customers will generally feel more confident buying them.

Amazon Canada is the biggest online retailer in the country, so you’ll have access to plenty of buyers when using Amazon Vendor Central.

In contrast, Amazon Seller Central may be better suited for your business’s needs if you want to sell directly to consumers.

Amazon Seller Central also features more flexibility and might be a better choice for smaller wholesale batches.

Learn more about getting started with Seller Central to see if this platform matches your selling goals.

What are some common problems with Vendor Central?

The primary benefit of Amazon Vendor Central is that it provides you with an immediate buyer for your wholesale and bulk products.

However, like any service, you should be aware of some of the drawbacks before enrolling.

Aside from being invite-only, Vendor Central can be frustrating to work with when you don’t know all the particulars of the service.

Below we list a few common complaints vendors have with Amazon Canada’s Vendor Central.


Some concerns vendors have with Vendor Central are in regards to their operations.

The strict guidelines Amazon Canada sets for their ordering services may result in unforeseen purchase order issues.When something isn’t filled out properly, Amazon may issue chargebacks which can hurt your bottom line.

The service is also subject to pricing increases.Many vendors find it difficult to keep up due to Amazon Vendor Central regularly increasing prices.

Generally, the more products you have, the better Vendor Central will work for your needs.With that said, you need to be aware of the fact you may notice fulfillment order issues with smaller POs along with a more complicated pickup schedule.

When enrolling in Amazon Vendor Central, you must be prepared to lose the ability to control the prices of your products as well as adhere to all of Amazon’s strict and rigid guidelines.


With Vendor Central, there is less flexibility than with Seller Central. For example, it’s more difficult to create converting listings and storefronts due to limited customizability.

Running ads is also not so straightforward. Some vendors complain about how difficult it is to generate a profitable ROAS from advertising.

Vendors also struggle with not having enough time to manage ads or set up the software to handle them.

To use Vendor Central’s Amazon Advertising features effectively, you must understand advanced advertising modules.

What services can you outsource to a Vendor Central agency?

There are many services and tasks you can outsource to a dedicated Amazon Canada agency or consultant.

Outsourcing certain jobs to experts can save sellers and vendors time, energy and money, especially if they involve skills that aren’t in your team’s wheelhouse.

Below, we list some of the tasks you can outsource to a company that offers Amazon Vendor Central agency services.

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Amazon Advertising

Advertising and marketing tend to be the most popular services to outsource.

Advertising consultants and marketing agencies have various tried and true methods that promote growth, boost conversions and help build your brand.

Usually, many vendors lack advertising experience in-house, making this a very low friction service to outsource.

Account Management

By hiring an agency or consultant that offers Amazon Canada account management, you and your team can spend more time focusing on the areas you are most skilled at.

Amazon Vendor Central agency services often include managing your vendor account, fulfilling orders, posting listings, and much more.

Listing Photography, Content & SEO

Amazon Vendor Central agency services that specialize in creative services and SEO can boost your conversion rate by optimizing product listings with professional copywriting, product photographs, and even promotional videos.

An outsourced creative team can also handle anything to do with Amazon’s A+ Content, a tool that helps sellers and vendors enhance their branding with product listing customization.


With the right consulting agency, you can look forward to professional advice and strategies to make running your business on Vendor Central as smooth as possible.

An Amazon Canada consultant can help your team with advertising, negotiating, finances and anything else related to your brand’s needs.


Prevent logistical headaches with a dedicated Amazon Canada fulfillment centre. Canada’s fastest-growing fulfillment partner, AMZ Prep, can handle all your Vendor Central account management needs while also providing product fulfillment services.



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Why not hire in-house?

Hiring in-house staff to handle all the aforementioned services tends to be more expensive than hiring an Amazon agency for your brand’s specific needs.

Salaries for workers can be upwards of $100,000 for a talented amazon expert— whereas, with an agency, $100k in a year can get you a whole host of optimized services.

Successful Amazon Canada agencies have large-scale orders and services on their side and can charge much less than what you’d have to pay a single in-house expert.

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What are Amazon Vendor managers?

A vendor manager is someone who works for Amazon and acts as the main contact person between your vendor services and Amazon.

Vendor managers are generally very busy and may rotate frequently due to Amazon’s department transfer policies.

Many vendors report feeling like their vendor manager is unattainable or completely nonexistent. Due to their tight schedules and high fluctuation rate, Amazon vendor managers are often unable to offer the support you are looking for unless you’re one of their top-tier customers (i.e. a big brand).

A worthy substitute for the vendor manager is a dedicated Amazon Vendor Central consultant. Many Amazon Canada consultants are just as much an expert on Amazon’s vendor program as Amazon’s staff are.

Separate Agencies for Amazon Vendor Central Canada & Vendor USA

Ideally, as a Canadian vendor, you’ll want to hire Amazon Vendor Central agency services that are specialized in the Canadian market.

Therefore, Amazon Canada agencies are the best option for handling sales in Canada. If you plan to sell in the USA, you’ll be happy to know that most agencies can help you deal with sales south of the border as well.

Unless you’re planning to exclusively operate in the USA, hiring a Vendor Central consultant in Canada should be enough to cover all your business’ bases.

How to hire a Amazon Vendor Central 1P Agency for your business

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Where to look to hire an agency

A quick google search for “Amazon vendor central agency services” is bound to turn up results for all sorts of Amazon agencies.

It’s important that the one you pick suits your needs and is reputable and has a solid track record.

You can also seek referrals from peers or other sellers and vendors in your network. With firsthand experience on your side, you’re bound to find an agency that suits your needs.

In addition to Google searches and asking your peers, browsing online seller forums, as well as Facebook groups, can help you learn about trusted agencies.

As a vendor, you’ll want to make sure you’re looking into Amazon Vendor Central agency services specifically, not broader Seller Central as its much different.

Hiring options when looking for Vendor Central consulting

In the world of Amazon vendor central agency services, there are many options to choose from including marketing agencies, business consultants and full-service partners – yes, it goes that niche.

Below, we briefly describe the difference between each and why you might want to pick one type over another.

1. Full-service Channel Management Agencies

These agencies offer a whole stack of Amazon vendor central agency services.

With these companies, you can get help with advertising, fulfillment, marketing, logistics and so much more.

Full-service agencies are best suited for vendors that either need more help navigating Vendor Central, or want to simplify their own processes by outsourcing as many tasks as possible.

2. Amazon PPC Ad Agencies

If you’re looking for assistance with navigating your advertising campaigns, then you should enlist the help of an ad agency.

Dedicated Amazon Canada agencies can help you with Amazon Advertising, marketing efforts, marketing analysis and similar services.

3. Pure Consultants

These firms offer consulting services only. Their Amazon vendor central agency services include helping you plan your business moves and make more efficient choices.


As you can see, there are many options when it comes to Amazon Vendor Central agency services. Make sure to reach out to a few different types to find out if they have what it takes to meet your business’s needs.

The right Vendor Central agency will help you market more effectively, streamline your business processes and manage your Amazon Canada accounts all to help you see the most success.

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