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TikTok Ad Management

The smart way to make eCommerce sales go viral

If you want your brand to stay relevant, you need to keep up with the latest trends and changes. 

With the rise in popularity of TikTok, it’s time to invest in TikTok advertising services.

With TikTok advertising services, you can put your brand in front of people who spend their time on the platform.

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What's included

We are the best of the best, period.

With The Influence Agency’s holistic approach to TikTok Marketing, brands experience a synergy of various game-changing strategies that steal the spotlight on the platform.

Services include: 

Optimize User Generated Content (UGC)

Promote content with Spark ads on Tiktok

With your most engaging content, run highly targeted TikTok ads that direct traffic back to your Amazon PDP, boosting sales and organic rank.

Generate new sales

Find influencers that fit your brand’s goals

“Sequence has made it easy to connect with a variety of influencers who fit our brand, manage production and scales ads – all in one place. With Sequence, we have access to support and guidance that is tailored to our specific needs.”

Head of Marketing, Joe Boxer

Partner with creators

Our 100,000+ creators and their content are the heart of TikTok. Working with them can help bring your creative vision to life and let you reach more of your target audience.

Beauty / Makeup artistry / Lifestyle

@flawlessbytenisha Tenisha Billington

Plant care / Lifestyle / Art / DIY

@marketbotany Cameron Curry

Tech / Gadgets / Educational

@milesabovetech Miles Franklin

Food / Lifestyle / Self-care

@theres.food.at.home August DeWindt

Why us?

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How do I get started?

Our TikTok Ads Playbook



We identify your target persona, unique selling propositions, and content angles through competitor research, past campaign data and brainstorming.



We cast the right influencers based on your target audience and the content format we’re looking for.

Content editing

Content editing

We edit the content & create multiple variations to A/B test on the social platform.

Media Buying & Promotion

We run ads to set a benchmark CPA for our given campaign. We edit winning ads to create high-performing variations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As an influencer marketing agency and TikTok ads Agency, Sequence Commerce has access to a vast micro-influencer network to generate top-notch UGC content at scale while ensuring the visuals match your target audience criteria.

We are a social media marketing agency that puts content creation at the heart of our process.

How much do your TikTok management services cost?

What’s special about what we do at Sequence is we don’t place people in buckets.


We sell business solutions, not a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all strategy.


Our prices are tailored to each account we work, but start around 3K per month. 


Reach out to our team to get a better understanding of costings and how we can support your brand. 

Do you have a minimum amount of advertising spend?

For most brands, we recommend a $5K monthly budget for standard TikTok promotion and content creation which would include the cost of influencers & media. 

Can you push this TikTok traffic to Amazon?

Yes, we can promote and direct customers to your own Shopify store or Amazon. 

You bring the products. We’ll bring the sales.