Stone Bridge Imports is a wellness brand aimed at improving lives through the use of semi-precious minerals curated by their team of experts. With their deep understanding of all things stone-related they’ve branched out into the crafts vertical which supports artisans in creating unique stone-based pieces from their high-quality Soap Stones.

The Challenge

Stone Bridge Imports saw incredble success over the years through their local Kitchener, Ontario stores together with their growing eCommerce website presence but found that its Amazon account wasn’t performing as expected. They know that they have a wide-reaching pool of potential customers in Canada and throughout the USA but sensed they weren’t making enough of an impact on the marketplace to propel their sales.

Product Visibility & Education

Images didn’t properly educate the customer on the product and value proposition

Restricted Advertising Strategy

Limited resources and data available to understand customer demographics to target or optimize their advertising strategy

Finite Budget & Strategy

Limited bandwidth and budget to optimize product images & copy on current Amazon Listings

Inventory & Fulfillment Bottlenecks

Fast-paced growth caused black-out inventory periods due to bottle-neck of Amazon prepration at their own warehouse

Our Approach

End-to-End Strategy & Execution

Sequence’s team worked with Stone Bridge Imports on an end-to-end solution providing an overhaul from new product photography and optimizing their listings to managing a Paid Media campaign in both Canada & the USA. We identified a few key factors in influencing customer’s decisions in their specific segment and worked to excel in these areas.

Amazon Makeover + Boost Conversions

Redesign of product catalog of compelling product photography & keyword enriched copywriting USA Expansion

Open entire new customer base in the USA, boosting sales from 0 to over 500+ orders in first 30 days

Boosted Paid Media Sales

Surged sales in Canada by over 200% with our advanced advertising analytics software

Outsourced Fulfillment for Growth

Utilizing our fulfillment warehouses enabled Stone Bridget the ability to outsource Amazon Compliance & label generation to our warehousing team to allow for scalable growth

Amazon Fulfillment

Our Global Distribution Strategy

  • Amazon Compliance & Preparation for FBA

    • Team of Amazon Experts ensured the compliance prepreation of Amazon labels and packaging
    • Turn-key solution for hands-off fulfillment
    • Direct Management of Seller Central
  • Heavily Discounted Shipping Rates

    • Managed inbound logistics into the AMZ fulfillment centre with discounted carrier rates
    • Expedited Amazon appointments with exclusive shipping rates
  • Removing the Bottle Necks

    • By utilizing our warehousing & fulfillment division, Stone Bridge was able to avoid critical fulfillment bottle-necks they were facing at their own office
  • True End-To-End Partnership

    • Helping Stone Bridge achieve success by optimizing every stage of the customer journey on the platform.

Our Results

Through Sequence’s team of experts working to ensure Stone Bridge Import’s success criteria were exceeded, we realized a 200%+ increase in sales on, a staggering 2700% sales growth on marketplace launch, and a phenomenal boost in their Amazon Listing’s SEO rank, boosting traffic by over 300% with an overall conversion rate of 23%.

By the end of this project, Stone Bridge Imports had to increase production to meet the demands of their customers.

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Orders first 30 days |
Conversion ROI after Listing Overhaul
PPC Sales

Let’s Make Things Happen

Abbas Panju

Head of Global eCommerce Ads
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