The MCJ Tools Challenge

Identifying areas of weakness in MCJ Tools’ marketing strategy was the first step to improving their advertising performance. MCJ was such a rapidly growing brand, but with the roadblock of limited resources. They needed an Amazon advertising agency to take things to the next level and we provided the brand with the proper data & capabilities for growth.

The Makeover That Helped Reposition MCJ’s Brand in The Amazon Market

The existing product images, listing content & EBC didn’t quite reflect the brand vision, and this was really affecting conversion rates and ACOS. They had the right approach, but the wrong execution. In simple terms, it needed some work.

“As a team, we sat together, pinpointed those weaknesses and developed the proper strategy that would take MCJ Tools to new heights. We shifted our focus towards the right tactics and approaches to Amazon advertising and within a matter of months, we were able to drive more traffic to them and increase brand awareness & engagement.”

Jacques Deng

CEO – MCJ Tools

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The Process

MCJ Tools needed a fresh new look and approach to Amazon advertising. Sequence conducted a complete brand makeover— more optimized Amazon listings & more polished photos to showcase their products. SEO is a big deal when it comes to optimizing product listings and ranking on Amazon, so we made sure to invest time into keyword analysis and studying MCJ Tools’ major competitors. Using our advanced analytics software, we found a suite of new data-driven keywords to target using sponsored product placements across our PPC advertising campaigns and packed them into our new listings.

Additionally, the brand was in need of strong Amazon PPC outsourcing and management strategy to raise those conversion rates. We set out vigorous PPC ad campaigns targeting the Canadian and American markets for increased Amazon advertising ROAS.

We additionally created captivating sponsored brand video ads to increase overall market share on highly competitive keywords. This led to better conversions, minimized advertisement costs (ACOS) and crafted a sleek overall look.

  • Stimulated advertising ROAS from 3.2 to 5.6 in March 2021
  • Optimized Conversion from 4% → 13% by implementing new images, EBC and video ads

  • Grew total revenue 42% in just 3 months

In partnership with Sequence, MCJ Tools was able to set themselves up for permanent, long-term growth & maximized conversion rates.

Throughout the duration of Sequence and MCJ’s partnership, we have worked together to rebuild and reposition MCJ Tools in the Amazon market. The journey has just begun. As we continue to work side by side, we are sure that Sequence’s streamlined & optimized Amazon ad strategy will continue to support MCJ’s growth and improve brand health.

Increase Your Amazon Traffic

With the help of Sequence, MCJ tools were able to get ahead of their competition with targeted keyword advertising, therefore creating lasting impressions that brought in more customers and attracted their attention.

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Boost Conversions

MCJ had what it takes, but they lacked some of the necessary resources and expertise required to turn their leads into customers that were here to stay. Using the data we’d acquired, we were able to create captivating videos and brand sponsored content that finally showcased and aligned with what the brand was all about. This helped bring in more clients and boosted their overall conversion in a matter of months.

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The New and Evolved MCJ Tools

A few short months with Sequence really does the trick. During this time, we were able to discover & strengthen weaknesses, create an advertisement blueprint and then, put our well-equipped team to work for execution.

The brand needed a makeover, and that’s what we did

By doing our research and finding novel avenues to success, we were able to work together to stimulate brand discovery, engagement, and were able to reach our conversion rate goal.

The results speak for themselves

118% revenue growth on the Canadian market and 112% growth on the United States market says a lot. We optimized conversions from 4% to 13% and increased advertisement ROAS from 3.2 to 5.6 in such a short time frame. We are your Amazon Advertisement partners, and this is what we do.


“Sequence came in with a very clear perspective on how to drive brand growth on Amazon, powerful AI systems, and a strong managed services team – clear to say we’re ecstatic with the partnership.”

Jacques Deng

CEO – MCJ Tools

Let’s Make Things Happen

Abbas Panju

Head of Global eCommerce Ads
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