The Challenge

Sitting down together with Art & Living we identified key areas of improvement for overall brand growth & performance—starting with finding areas of weakness leading to low traffic and poor conversion rates. By completing a full Amazon makeover, we were able to appeal to a wider customer base while simultaneously handling the back-end operations of the business to propel the brand to insane Amazon success.

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Diving Deep Into The Analytics Helped PinPoint Critical Weaknesses

Art & Living needed to present themselves in a fresh new way and pivot their brand towards digital & creative work while in parallel running a calculated PPC strategy—but they were instead dealing with inaccurate forecasting models, black-out inventory periods, a small piece of the market share, poor data reporting and a misaligned marketing strategy; things were on edge, to say the least.

However, by working closely together as a team we put together a 3-month end-to-end strategy for a complete brand rehaul to revitalize sales and invigorate morale. By focusing on the fundamentals, we were able to bring back a streamlined shipping & fulfillment process, restructure their Amazon advertising strategy and optimize listings for better page ranking and traffic.


Revenue Growth


Return on Advertising Spend


“Sequence is nothing short of amazing! They manage your business and brand as if it were their own. They understand data like no other.”

Alyssa B

Art & Living USA Sales Executive

Our Approach

We needed to develop a plan to capture more market share while maximizing brand penetration all within a three-month timeframe; coincidentally leading up towards the busiest time of the year—the holidays. Our team of experts got straight to work revamping the brand through new content and creative photoshoots while also setting up analytical tracking methods to generate accurate reporting for easier future decision making.

  • Amazon Makeover Helped Boost Conversions

  • Accurate DSP spend increased growth by 1800%

  • Utilization of warehouse connection across North America

By partnering with Sequence, Art & Living can now properly forecast the inventory available for our aggressive DTC strategy.

Having handled the front end of the business, it was time to look at the back end; logistics. Utilizing our wide network of warehouses, and ground teams, we set our teams to work managing the full shipping & fulfillment chain (including returns!) while ensuring transparency. And thanks to our advanced analytics capabilities, we were better able to position the brand in the coming months for further brand growth and expansion.

Increase Your Amazon Traffic

Combine day-to-day ad account management, marketplace expertise, and the power of our proprietary AI technology to surpass your goals and boost your Amazon ranking.

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Boost Conversions

Win over your customers with compelling copy and creative content—not just a discounted price. Implement proven DSP & PPC strategies that will propel your storefront to the top and outpace your competition!

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Through our hard work and team efforts, we helped AOL create winning Amazon advertising strategies to streamline revenue growth well over 1800% in just three short months. We went all-in from day one—we only care for great results.

Our goal was to streamline and revamp the whole brand.

20 % Increase On-Page Conversion Rate

13% Cost Savings On International Freight Shipping

It all came down to the fundamentals

By optimizing the supply chain for inventory management forecasting, increasing brand visibility across multiple channels through creative content, and setting up accurate data reporting methods to ensure accurate future decision making, our partnership with Art & Living helped skyrocket the brand from A-Z—we just made sure it was prepped the whole way.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Abbas Panju

Head of Global eCommerce Ads
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