Amazon Retargeting: A Game Changer for Your Advertising Campaigns

Amazon retargeting ad on Amazon

Discover the power of Amazon’s influence! 

Picture this: you search for a product on Amazon, and before you know it, you encounter the same item or similar options popping up everywhere on the internet and social media.

Strange, right?

Well, there is nothing magical. It’s just Amazon retargeting campaigns that are responsible for this shadowy occurrence.

Retargeting ads are the future of advanced advertising

Amazon retargeting is an effective way to engage customers and increase conversions. It helps reach customers who have interacted with your brand and encourages them to return and convert.

With Amazon retargeting, you can deliver relevant ads to customers who have already checked your products and maximize your sales.

Sounds intriguing right?


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What is Amazon Retargeting?

Amazon retargeting is a type of online advertising that reaches customers who have interacted with your brand somehow.

By this, you can target customers who have already been exposed to your products, either through their Amazon search history, browsing behavior, or past purchases.

Amazon retargeting is an effective way to reach out to targeting audiences who have already expressed their interest in your products and to reassure them to return and convert.

 Targeting these customers can remind them of your product and encourage them to purchase.

This ad will appear on Amazon while the customer is browsing, reminding them of the product they showed interest in earlier. 

Amazon Retargeting Ad Platforms:

You have multiple options to choose which one Amazon retargeting platform you want.

Amazon’s expansion of the options merchants can use for customer retargeting shows the growing importance of what Amazon retargeting can do for merchants and brands.

Sponsored Display:

Sponsored Display is available to registered professional sellers, agencies, and resellers.

This tool allows you to re-target your audience on and off Amazon, i.e., anyone who has seen your products or similar products in a selected category within 30 days.

Amazon retargeting is mostly useful as it supports to keep products and brands in the customer’s mind even when they are not actively looking at them.

Sponsored Performance Dashboard

Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP)

AAP allows businesses to promote their products to Amazon customers through various advertising formats such as Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products, Sponsored Displays, and Sponsored Brand Videos.

AAP tracks the shopping habits of customers who have interacted with a brand’s products or website.

It enables broader audience segmentation with device and browser targeting and more detailed predictive analytics.

Advertisers can target campaigns to unique audiences based on their purchasing behavior, resulting in highly personalized and compelling ads.

Demand-Side-Plattform (DSP)

Amazon DSP Retargeting allows advertisers to buy digital inventory through automatic purchases.

Amazon DSP Retargeting includes websites, social media platforms, mobile apps, and online video streams.

It’s suitable for businesses that want to buy bulk ads, whether on Amazon or not.

The best parts of Amazon DSP Retargeting are:

  • Automatic ad buying power that reaches every imaginable website and more.
  • Use of Amazon purchase data to support targeting campaigns.

Advertisers can target tailored campaigns to specific audiences based on their purchasing behavior, and the Amazon DSP Retargeting platform offers real-time bidding and optimization tools for effective advertising.

Sponsored products

Amazon Sponsored Products allow sellers to target specific audiences based on purchasing behavior and create personalized campaigns.

The Sponsored Products platform offers a cost-effective advertising solution to increase sales and visibility on Amazon.

Amazon DSP Retargeting Takes Center Stage in the Beta Phase.

Until now, retargeting has generally been limited to Display, AAP, and DSP Retargeting Takes Center Stage in the Beta Phase, which shows how seriously Amazon takes retargeting.

Sponsored Products accounted for 77% of Amazon’s ad revenue in 2021.

Boost Your Conversions with ASIN Retargeting

How does Amazon Retargeting work?

Amazon Retargeting revolves around a simple yet powerful process. To initiate ad campaigns, it is crucial to gather sufficient data.

Before Amazon Retargeting Ads, users must have previously viewed the product, regardless of whether they arrived via Amazon or paid advertising.

The product detail page plays a pivotal role as it records the acquisition of a “cookie” to track the user even if they navigate away from Amazon.

In Amazon DSP retargeting, you can access seven distinct targeting options designed to deliver tailored ads to the right audience.

ASIN Retargeting Options:

Product Searches: Target users based on specific keywords associated with the promoted ASIN, determined by Amazon’s algorithm.

Brand Views: Promote users who have viewed their products within a specific timeframe, making it ideal for brands with complementary offerings.

Brand Purchases: Target users who have purchased a particular brand, promoting additional items for cross-sales and up-sells.

Product Views: The popular choice for retargeting, advertising to users who have viewed but have yet to purchase a specific item.

Product Purchases: Further promote ASINs that have already been ordered, particularly suitable for consumer items.

SIM Product Views: Utilize targeting based on users browsing similar items from your competitors, enhancing the relevance of your ads.

Competitor Conquesting: Advertise to users interested in competing products by selecting specific ASINs manually.

By understanding these options and leveraging Amazon DSP retargeting, you can optimize your advertising efforts and reach your target audience effectively.

Why are Amazon Retargeting Ads important for sellers?

By reminding customers of the purchase, they were about to make; Amazon retargeting helps increase the likelihood of a conversion. 

Abandoned cart retargeting can increase conversion rates by up to 26%. You’re already interested in what you’re selling; Giving them that extra boost might be enough to keep them coming back or to increase brand awareness.

Amazon Retargeting is not limited to the Amazon website as it allows sellers to reach customers on and off Amazon. 

Since the average click-through rate for Amazon DSP retargeting ads is ten times higher than for display ads, leveraging this versatility gives you a much better return on ad spend (RoAS) than using display ads alone.

Retargeting ads on Amazon provide several benefits, including:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Lower cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Higher return on investment 

Remarketing vs. Retargeting on Amazon:

The primary distinction between retargeting and remarketing lies in their strategies. Retargeting involves displaying ads to potential customers based on cookies, whereas Amazon remarketing collects user information to generate lists and implement marketing and sales tactics.

By utilizing both retargeting and remarketing, you can unlock the following advantages:

  • Amplifying brand awareness and visibility
  • Sustaining brand engagement with the target audience
  • Increasing conversions on your online store or e-commerce site
  • Capturing the attention of customers from competitor brands

How to Set Up Your Retargeting Ads?

New seller?

Don’t know how to set up Amazon retargeting Ads?

We are here! Check how you can create a generic DSP Retargeting campaign

Step 1: Open your Amazon Seller Central account and click on sponsored products

Step 2: Click “Create campaign” and add all the necessary information, like your campaign name, duration, and budget.

Step 3: Choose a manual campaign, as you only have access to Retargeting ads through automatic campaigns

Step 4: You can access Amazon Retargeting ads when you sell in the US marketplace. So, choose “Remarketing” from the “automatic targeting” button.

Important Note: You cannot view this every time as it is in Beta.

Guess what? It’s done!

Easy? Right!

From then, customers will be directed to the product detail page whenever they click on your ads.

Managing Amazon Retargeting Ads

Effectively managing your Amazon retargeting ads is vital to the overall process. Here are some tips for managing your retargeting ads:

Monitor Key Metrics for Your Amazon Ads: Understanding Amazon retargeting ads and their functionality is crucial.

Regularly checking performance metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and ROI is pivotal to ensuring the success of your retargeting ads.

Adjust Bidding Strategies: Another important aspect of managing your Amazon retargeting ads is adjusting your bidding based on ad performance. 

Refresh Ad Creatives: To keep engaged, changing your ad creatives periodically is essential.

Seeing the same ad repeatedly can lead to viewer fatigue. By refreshing the creative content, you can retain user interest and maintain engagement with your brand.

Test Different Audience Durations and Event Types: Optimizing your retargeting ads can involve experimenting with various audience durations and event types.

Audience duration refers to the length of time users are targeted with your ads after interacting with your brand.

Regularly Review Ad Placements: Placing your ads on relevant websites and targeting the right users significantly impacts the success of your retargeting campaign.

In conclusion, professional management of your Amazon retargeting ads is crucial for the success of your online advertising endeavors.

3 Tips to Maximize Conversions:

When you’re ready to start retargeting Amazon users, check here how you can do it:

 1. Adding a conversion pixel to your website

conversion pixel lets you track your audience. 

First, you must let your audience know how pixels are used on your website. 

You want your valuable audience to be able to quickly retrieve specific information about them when they visit your website.

By using the conversion pixel, you contribute to the growth of your business. More people will look at your products or reconsider their purchase.

2. Use Facebook Custom Audiences

If you use Facebook to target potential customers with remarketing ads, we recommend using the Custom Audience feature. 

You start by creating a simple Facebook ad. Configure your ad how you want, then go to the Custom Audience section. In this area, you can create your target group.

You can upload your audience information to Amazon to Facebook’s customer database.

With this information, Facebook assigns the data to its users t matches the different characteristics of your customer database.

3: Create powerful promotional content

Your remarketing ad will only be effective if you create compelling copy. You can run dozens of remarketing ads, but if the ad isn’t attractive, your audience won’t respond.

First, you want to use a photo your audience will be familiar with. You can download and use the product image from the Amazon product list.

Next, optimize your ad headline. We recommend including a product title so your audience knows what it is if they can’t tell from the image.

You can also add other interesting information, such as the product’s star rating.

Maximize Conversions with ASIN Retargeting

How to Optimize Your Retargeting Ads for Maximum Conversions

Optimizing Amazon retargeting ads is crucial for Amazon sellers aiming to boost sales and conversions. 

Consider the following tips for optimizing your Amazon retargeting ads:

Create visually captivating ad creative: Your ads should grab customers’ attention and stand out on the page. Utilize high-quality images, bold colors, and attention-grabbing headlines to make your ads visually appealing.

Emphasize unique selling points: Focus your retargeting ads on your products’ distinctive features and benefits. 

Incorporate a compelling call-to-action: Include a clear call-to-action in your ads that needs customers to click through to your product detail page. Engage customers with phrases like “Shop Now” or “Learn More” to stimulate their desire to take immediate action.

Conduct A/B testing for ad creative: Test different versions of your ad creative to determine which performs best. Experiment with various images, headlines, and CTAs to identify the winning combination that generates the highest click-through rates and conversions.

Consider dynamic retargeting ads: Dynamic retargeting ads exhibit the specific product that customers viewed on your site, increasing the likelihood of a purchase. This personalized approach often leads to higher conversion rates and a more favorable return on investment.

By adhering to these optimization techniques and fine-tuning your Amazon retargeting ads, you can maximize the effectiveness of your advertising budget and elevate your conversion rates. 

Remember to embrace experimentation and explore new strategies, as Amazon retargeting ads, when approached correctly, can be a potent tool for expanding your Amazon business.

Best Practices of Amazon Retargeting Ads:

Amazon Retargeting ads can be a potent tool to boost sales and increase brand awareness.

However, some best practices should be followed to get the most value from this advertising strategy.

Here are some valuable tips for creating effective Amazon retargeting campaigns:

Keep ads low so as not to irritate prospects: While it’s important to retarget prospects, it’s just as significant not to shell them with ads. 

Reach customers who have recently viewed your product but have yet to convert: One of the most effective ways to use Amazon retargeting is to get customers who have already shown interest in your product.

By targeting people who have seen your product but have yet to buy it, you can increase the conversion rates of those leads into actual buyers.

Ensure your ad fits your brand’s style and tone: Your retargeting ads should be identifiable as part of your brand. Use similar colors, fonts, and messaging to ensure your ads align with your brand identity.

Use retargeting to sell related or complementary products to customers who have already purchased: Retargeting ads are one of the best methods to retail more items to customers who have already purchased them.

Consider retargeting to sell related or complementary products to customers who want to buy your brand.

Consider retargeting ads with other Amazon ad types for maximum impact: Retargeting ads can be incredibly effective. Still, they can be even more powerful when used in conjunction with other Amazon ads Ad types are used.

To maximize reach and impact, Consider retargeting alongside Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, or Display Ads.

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By showing your Amazon Retargeting ads to the targeting audience, you can increase your chances of converting them into customers.

Our team can help you create retargeting ads that are both eye-catching and effective.


With the right strategy, Amazon retargeting can be the most effective marketing tool for your e-commerce business.

By targeting audiences who have already interacted with your brand, you can easily convince them to purchase.

Following the steps, you can create effective retargeting ads, optimize their performance, and ultimately drive more conversions from potential customers.


Questions About

Amazon Retargeting Ads

Why is Amazon DSP Retargeting better than others?

Amazon DSP Retargeting offers several advantages that set it apart from other retargeting solutions. Here are some reasons why Amazon DSP Retargeting is considered superior by many advertisers:


Audience Quality: Amazon has vast first-party data on its customers, including their browsing and purchase history. Amazon DSP Retargeting allows access to this rich dataset, resulting in better audience quality than other retargeting platforms.


Purchase Intent: One of the critical strengths of Amazon DSP Retargeting is its ability to tap into Amazon’s vast e-commerce ecosystem. By leveraging Amazon DSP Retargeting, advertisers can reach customers who have demonstrated purchase intent on Amazon and increase conversion rates.


Precise Targeting: Amazon DSP Retargeting provides advanced targeting capabilities that enable advertisers to reach specific audiences precisely. This granularity in targeting helps deliver personalized and relevant ads to potential customers, enhancing the effectiveness of the retargeting campaigns.


Cross-Device Reach: With Amazon DSP Retargeting, advertisers can reach customers across multiple devices and platforms. Amazon has a comprehensive ecosystem includes desktops, mobile devices, Fire tablets, Fire TVs, and more. This cross-device reach allows advertisers to deliver consistent and cohesive messages to users, irrespective of their device, leading to a seamless user experience and better engagement.


Integration with Amazon Advertising: Amazon DSP Retargeting seamlessly integrates with Amazon Advertising, allowing advertisers to manage retargeting campaigns alongside their other Amazon advertising initiatives. 


While Amazon DSP Retargeting offers unique advantages within the Amazon ecosystem, other retargeting platforms may have their strengths and suitability for different advertising objectives.

Can I retarget users who visited my website but did not purchase on Amazon?

Amazon retargeting primarily focuses on retargeting users within the Amazon ecosystem, such as those who have visited your Amazon store or interacted with your products on Amazon. 

However, Amazon also offers advertising solutions outside of its ecosystem, such as Amazon Advertising’s display ads on external websites, where you can retarget users who checked your website but did not convert on Amazon.

How can I measure my Amazon retargeting campaign's success?

Amazon provides reporting and analytics tools within its advertising platform, allowing you to track the performance of your retargeting campaigns. You can monitor metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and ROAS to evaluate the effectiveness and ROI of your retargeting efforts.

What are the retargeting channels?

Retargeting mainly uses paid ads for recipients visiting your website or social media profiles. Regarding remarketing, email is primarily used to target customers who have already worked with your brand.

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