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It’s time to consider a new way to reach your target audience. 

As a verified Amazon Ads Partner, our advertising experts can apply a full-funnel strategic approach with Dynamic video ads and powerful Amazon DSP campaigns that drive new customers to your brands’ storefronts.

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Amazon DSP superpowers for hundreds of eCommerce brands

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Our Amazon DSP Advertising Services

Unlock New Revenue Opportunities with Amazon DSP Agency Professionals

AI-powered Amazon DSP Advertising Technology

An Amazon DSP agency harnesses the power of AI-powered advertising technology to drive effective and efficient advertising campaigns on the Amazon DSP platform.

Now it’s time to lead the pack and beat your competitors by harnessing our cutting-edge AI technology, gain an advantage with superior performance that outpaces any rival.

Take your sales to new heights!

Strategic DSP Full Funnel Advertising Management

Achieve Success Across the Funnel with Amazon DSP agency that offers comprehensive Full Funnel Advertising Management to help you reach, engage, and convert customers at every stage.

Our goal is to free your time up by managing the optimization of your Amazon DSP advertising. We have a track record for success that you can count on, giving you peace of mind knowing that

we’re taking care of everything!

Programmatic Advertising Expertise

Our account managers are industry experts with experience from Amazon, Walmart, and other platforms. Trust our team to improve your business performance.

Our programmatic advertising experts at the Amazon DSP agency will help you reach your target audience with precision. Boost conversions and drive sales now!

Premium Amazon DSP Agency

Amazon Brand Joe Boxer

Joe Boxer Grows Total Sales by +28.9% While Reducing Ad Spend and ACOS

Joe Boxer enlists Sequence technology & AI-enabled analysts to prove incremental lift & increase Amazon sales

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Premium DSP Advertising 

All the Metrics You Need for Amazon ads in One Place

CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value)

By analyzing the CLTV metric provided by the Amazon DSP agency, sellers can gain valuable insights into the long-term profitability of their campaigns.

DPVR (Detailed Page View Rate)

DPVR is a valuable metric provided by the Amazon DSP agency that offers insights into customer engagement and interest in a seller’s products or offerings.

Total ACoS

Total ACoS is an important metric for Amazon DSP ads as it measures the effectiveness and profitability of advertising campaigns.

Repeat Purchase Rates

By analyzing Repeat Purchase Rates, sellers, with the guidance of an Amazon DSP agency, can focus on retaining existing customers, building brand loyalty, and maximizing the lifetime value of their customers for sustained sales growth on Amazon.

AOV (Average Order Value)

By monitoring AOV, sellers and their Amazon DSP agency can optimize ad campaigns to increase average order values, maximize revenue per customer, and drive overall profitability on Amazon.

ATC (Add-to-Cart)

By monitoring ATC rates, sellers can assess the effectiveness of their Amazon DSP ads in driving customer engagement and take necessary actions with the help of Amazon DSP agency to further enhance conversions and sales.

Real Customer Performance

Amazon Advertising Results that make clients for life


Increase in conversion

Recognizing the power of optimized content, Roots Canada experienced a remarkable 100% conversion increase after our team created exceptionally well-crafted product images and reconstructed their entire Amazon catalog.


Increase in Total Sales YOY

ANS has achieved amazing results with Sequence, boosting Amazon Advertising ROI by an incredible 4X. Now ANS is leveraging that success to expand its reach into Amazon DSP – and the potential it holds for brands makes this a must-see opportunity!


Boost in Organic SEO Keywords

GNC tapped Sequence to execute an ambitious 12-week program that strategically optimized 200+ listings for content and SEO, ultimately driving significant organic ranking improvements across their Amazon catalog. The end result? Fresh awareness from new shoppers discovering GNC on Amazon. 

Consider a new way to reach your target audience: An Amazon DSP agency.

Scale effectively with full-channel management 

Amplify your brand, reach more shoppers, grow.

Whether you’re looking to attract new customers, increase engagement, or optimize for specific metrics, our team of experts provides a full-service solution to help plan, develop, and implement DSP campaigns that exceed your goals.

Expand your brand’s reach and influence with our specialized team of experts.Let us help you craft targeted ads, reach more shoppers, and accelerate your growth.

"Extremely happy with the Walmart managed services and will recommend to everyone to use Sequence if you really want to achieve more success in your business."

"Extremely happy with the Walmart managed services and will recommend to everyone to use Sequence if you really want to achieve more success in your business."

Shetal Shah
ANS Performance 
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Questions & Answers

FAQ About Amazon DSP Managements Services

With years of search and marketing experience, our ad managers are the ideal choice to power up your ads. Our tailored methodologies generate impressive results that you can count on long-term.

What is Amazon DSP?

Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform) is a powerful advertising platform offered by Amazon. It enables advertisers, brands, and agencies to programmatically buy display and video ad placements across a wide range of websites, apps, and devices, both on and off Amazon-owned properties.

 such as demographics, shopping behavior, and interests.

Where will the ads that are used through Amazon DSP agency by displayed?

Display and video ads purchased using Amazon DSP ads are programmatically delivered across multiple Amazon websites and apps.


This includes their owned-and-operated sites (such as IMDb, Zappos, and Audible), mobile apps, and video streaming platforms.

What types of businesses can benefit from Amazon DSP agency services?

Any business that sells products on Amazon or wants to reach Amazon customers with targeted advertising can benefit from Amazon DSP agency services. This includes both established brands and emerging e-commerce. businesses.

How can I get started with Amazon DSP for sales?

To get started with Amazon DSP for sales, businesses need to apply and meet the eligibility requirements.

Once approved, advertisers can work with Amazon directly or partner with an Amazon Advertising agency to set up and manage their campaigns.

How much time will I have to put into managing my content?

This really depends on two options:


  1. Choose to work with Amazon directly and spend $35,000 to start
  2. Work with a 3rd Party Amazon DSP agency specialized in Amazon marketing & advertising (like us!)
    (like us!)


Option 1 is best for those who have the experience, time, and money to put into the process. If you’re a big brand with people to dedicate toward the program, you and your team will spend a lot of time in Amazon DSP ads.


Option 2 is best for Amazon sellers looking for more transparency, help, and support through the process.


As a marketing specialized Amazon DSP agency, Sequence Commerce helps by not just launching your products using this tool, but also making sure you succeed.

 This means you have more time to focus on the other parts of your business. (You also don’t have to have $35,000 to use this option!)



How much do Amazon DSP agency services cost?

The cost of Amazon DSP agency services can vary depending on factors such as campaign objectives, targeting parameters, and ad creative development.

However, at Sequence Commerce we provide Amazon DSP advertising services at lower cost.

It’s best to consult with Sequence Commerce Amazon DSP agency directly to get a custom quote based on your specific needs.

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