Amazon Advertising Management Services

Our advertising tactics are strategically built, creating a full-funnel approach that targets customers throughout their buying journey. We’ll win you more sales, and we’ll do it without management fees.

AI-powered Amazon Advertising Technology

Lead the pack and beat your competitors by harnessing our cutting-edge AI technology. By using Sequence, you can gain an advantage with superior performance that outpaces any rival.

Strategic PPC Advertising Management

Our goal is to free your time up by managing the optimization of your Amazon advertising. We have a track record for success that you can count on, giving you peace of mind knowing that we’re taking care of everything!

Amazon Advertising Expertise

Our account managers are industry experts. With combined expertise from Amazon, Walmart and other digital platforms, rest assured that our experienced team will do everything in their power to bring your business performance up a notch. 

Amazon Brand Joe Boxer

Joe Boxer Grows Total Sales by +28.9% While Reducing Ad Spend and ACOS

Joe Boxer enlists Sequence technology & AI-enabled analysts to prove incremental lift & increase Amazon sales

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Advertising Management Service Features

The Amazon PPC services you need to exceed your goals

PPC & Search Expertise

Our expert ad managers optimize your ads by leveraging years of marketing and search expertise. Our proven methodologies create long-lasting, tangible performance gains. 

Strategic Growth Planning

Our expert listing optimization team sets the bar higher when it comes to creating “show-stopping” Amazon listings – ones that are buzzing with conversions and boosting Amazon sales.

Lower ACoS, Increase Profitability

Elevate your Amazon presence with strategic PPC campaigns. We’ll help you reduce unnecessary ad spending to save money and reach new customers.

AI + Marketplace Experts

Our experts leverage the Sequence platform to drive sales growth and ad efficiency beyond human capabilities. Helping save time and passing those cost savings to you. 

Make Your Brand Unforgettable

With Sponsored Brand Ads, we’ll position your brand at the forefront of shoppers’ minds. From increasing visibility and awareness to expanding audience reach, this Ad strategy will ensure you are priority number one when people click buy now.

Business Performance Insights

With weekly reporting updates, monthly check-in reviews, and on-demand access to exclusive Slack community, you’ll have a constant pulse on your business performance.

Capturing Customers Across Channels

We’ll launch, optimize, and share insights for advertising campaigns across top marketplaces.


Increase in conversion

Recognizing the power of optimized content, Roots Canada experienced a remarkable 100% conversion increase after our team created exceptionally well-crafted product images and reconstructed their entire Amazon catalog.


Increase in Total Sales YOY

ANS has achieved amazing results with Sequence, boosting Amazon Advertising ROI by an incredible 4X. Now ANS is leveraging that success to expand its reach into Amazon DSP – and the potential it holds for brands makes this a must-see opportunity!


Boost in Organic SEO Keywords

GNC tapped Sequence to execute an ambitious 12-week program that strategically optimized 200+ listings for content and SEO, ultimately driving significant organic ranking improvements across their Amazon catalog. The end result? Fresh awareness from new shoppers discovering GNC on Amazon. 

Capture & Convert Customers

We identify search-based purchase intent, capture it, and turn it into conversion. Our advertising strategy will be customized for your brand and budget, with an underlying intent to maximize Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and shut out your competition.

"Extremely happy with the Walmart managed services and will recommend to everyone to use Sequence if you really want to achieve more success in your business."

"Extremely happy with the Walmart managed services and will recommend to everyone to use Sequence if you really want to achieve more success in your business."

Shetal Shah
ANS Performance 
Read the case study
Questions & Answers

Questions About Our Ad Management Services

With years of search and marketing experience, our ad managers are the ideal choice to power up your ads. Our tailored methodologies generate impressive results that you can count on long-term.

How much do your Amazon management services cost?

What’s special about what we do at Sequence is we don’t place people in buckets.


We sell business solutions, not a cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all strategy.


Our prices are tailored to each account we work but generally start at 1.5K per month.


Reach out to our team to get a better understanding of costings and how we can support your brand. 

Do you have a minimum amount of advertising spend?

For most brands, we recommend a $3K monthly budget for Sponsored Advertising (for products sold on Amazon). If you are an Amazon seller ready to expand into DSP (or are a non-endemic advertiser whose only option is DSP) we recommend $10K/month to properly leverage the platform.

Can you manage my ads?

Yes, we can manage a suite of other channels including Walmart, Instacart, Target, TikTok, Costco and many more.

How often will I be speaking with my Account Manager?

Calls with your Account Manager depend directly on your level of services. With Ad Management you’ll speak every other week, and receive weekly check-in emails and daily communication through Slack. 

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